Types of Votes

Mechanics of Casting a Vote

You can access the VOTE URL directly at : https://vote.apache.org/cast/$issue/$hash

or use the following form


On success you will be presented with a ballot containing a form to fill out for your actual vote.

How the Web Interface to the Vote Tool Works

Firstly, after supplying your LDAP username and password, the URL is validated and used to determine your voter email address. If you are doing a GET, the web interface will display the proper ballot for the issue. If you are doing a POST, the web interface will treat that as an attempt to vote on the issue and will validate your vote before passing it along to the vote tool.

The web interface is REST compliant, so you can determine the outcome of your cast vote by looking at the resulting HTTP response status code. If the status code is 200 your vote was successfully cast; otherwise it will be 500. This means you can vote using the web interface with standard web-client tools like curl if you so desire. The POST should contain a single parameter: "vote", whose corresponding value will be your actual vote on the issue.

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